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By | June 7, 2018

WeChat For PC Download Windows 10/8/7 Today across the world, billions of people are using smartphones. Among all, 95% of people use to chat with their friends, family and their loved ones. So, chatting becomes a daily routine in their lives. Day to day, the chatting or messaging apps are also increasing. Currently WhatsApp is running popularly in the world. Similar to WhatsApp, there is another chatting application which is non-other than WeChat.

The name itself indicates we can use this app for chatting purpose. So, today we are going to discuss the more details about the WeChat, its features as well as download and installation process for PC and windows in the below. So, guys if you are interested to use this application, please check the details below.

What is a WeChat For PC?

WeChat is basically a chatting app, which user can use to text and send voice messages for their friends and family with their mobile phones. This application is accessible to download it on almost all the operating systems like iOS, Windows, Android, BlackBerry, PC devices. And we can download this WeChat app for absolutely free of cost. WeChat is generally a Chinese application, which was initially released in the year 2011 and as of now i.e. 2018, this WeChat becoming popular and one of the world’s largest standalone mobile application. This application had over 1 billion active users and 902 million daily active users. WeChat is developed by Tencent in China.

WeChat For PC

WeChat For PC Windows Download

This WeChat is currently a best competitive app for the WhatsApp, Viber, and LINE and other applications. WeChat app is the powerful and smooth application, which we can send messages, voice calls, videos, sharing images and doing group chats with our friends and family. As we said in above, we can download this app for free. All we have to do is, we need the internet connectivity to chat with our friends.

Features of WeChat For PC

At present, almost everyone in China utilizing this WeChat app. Just like Facebook in other countries, for Chinese, this WeChat is their Facebook. With this WeChat, they can communicate with their friends and family and watch their updates. Regularly developers of WeChat app updated the WeChat with new features. We are listed out few most popular features in below. Please check out.

·      Using WeChat, we can simply make a video calls, sharing images, sending voice chats and voice calls.

·      To use this Wechat Free Download for PC, we definitely need a internet connection.

·      It is possible to make a group chat with this application.

·      To find the new friends on WeChat, we just shake our phone, yes by shaking our phone, we find the new one who are shaking their mobiles at the same time. But be careful and please don’t share your personal information.

·      To find the friends who knows to you, you have a option for that too. Choose the look around option, to see who are nearby to you.

·      WeChat had another interesting feature in it, i.e. drift bottle. Throw a bottle into the sea with voice message or text message. Anyone around the world can pick the bottle. But this process is totally anonymous, only you and other person should decide to reveal your identity or not.

·    WeChat for PC Online Login also allows the user, to play games. User need to go to the in-app store to download the games.

·      WeChat App for PC also provides highest level control over our privacy.

·    WeChat App for PC provides hundreds of stickers, which user can send any stickers to their friends and family according to their mood.

·      Using WeChat, we can also share our live location or real-time location with our friends.

·      WeChat supports over 20 different languages and can transfer messages to any language.

How to Download WeChat for PC Windows 10/8/7?

As of now, over 900 million users had downloaded this WeChat application on their devices. WeChat is very easy to download and its very user-friendly application. Using this WeChat for PC Windows 10, we can share our moments, images, chat with our loved ones, making video calls and sending voice messages. There is no complaints and issues were registered as of now. If any issues found, the developers immediately take action and rectify the issues with new versions. So, now those who are interested to use those applications. We advise them, please follow the below steps to download the WeChat application for your PC and windows.

Download WeChat for PC (Method-1)

·      Download the WeChat Apk file from the official page.

·      Enable the unknown sources, go to the settings on your mobile, on the security tab, allow the button, unknown users.

·      Open the app from the downloaded files, then click on install button.

·      After completion of installation, click on the app icon to start using it.

Download WeChat For PC (Method-2)

·      Download the android emulator BlueStacks and install it on your PC for WeChat Download for PC.

·      Restart PC, open the Apk file with Bluestack, the search for the WeChat then download and install the application.

·      After complete installation of WeChat, click on the Wechat Free Download for PC icon to use the application.

How to Use WeChat App?

After completion of WeChat Download for PC and installation process, you can use this application. Initially, register your details click on sign up to provide your details, like name, mobile number and etc then click on submit. Now, you will get the verification code, enter the code. After verification done with your mobile number, you will receive a message verification message was sent to you. It is required, that the age of the user must be minimum 13 years and have the parents’ permission to use this WeChat app.  

WeChat for PC Windows 7 Download

A user can set the profile picture which is optional and then provide a name in the full name field. On the find friends option, search for nearby friends or shake the phone to had friendship with anonymous people. Add friends as per your choice, you can add friends to your mobile contact list. WeChat for PC Windows 10 is available for download.

Touch the contact button, then hit on add friend option to add friends. Just like WhatsApp, you can send the images, videos, make video calls. Go to the privacy settings then make your details hide (as your wish) to protect from unknown users. This app is easy to use, just like WhatsApp, you can easily know all the options once you open the WeChat for PC Windows 7.

The WeChat application is easy to download and simple to use, but we can’t make a promise, that it is safe. Yes, please don’t share your details with unknown one and be careful to chat with anonymous.

Click Here to Download WeChat For PC

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