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By | June 11, 2018

Sarahah App Download for Android and iOS. Does everyone want to know, what other people think about us? When we ask our friends most of them not genuinely convey their feeling about us. But, here there is one unique and an interesting application which is named as Sarahah. With this app, we can convey our feeling anonymously without knowing our details. Sarahah app is developed by Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq, Sarahah, he is from Saudi Arabian. The name Sarahah is an Arabian word, in English Sarahah means Honesty.

The name only says about this application, that we can able to give a feedback honestly to anyone without knowing our details. You can check for Sarahah App Wiki. Earlier, this application is only available for US citizens in only iOS devices, but later on, now, this application is accessible for both Android and iOS users. Across India, the massive number of users are utilising this application. So, viewers if you want to try this Sarahah App Download, you can refer the details thoroughly and then proceed download this application.

What is Sarahah App?

Sarahah is nothing but it is an anonymous messaging app, a one of the social networking application, which is available for free to download for Android and iOS users. Sarahah App Download allows the user that, they receive the comments from friends as well as unknown members anonymously. But we can’t respond to their comment. We can also link up this Sarahah App Download with Snap Chat. Initially, the main purpose if creating this Sarahah app is, to help the employee, that the employee shares their feedback secretly about their boss and other colleagues anonymously.

Sarahah App

Sarahah App Download For Android

Later on, this app becomes popular and spread all over the world. Now, even every one using this application to know what other people think about us.  At present, more teens are attracted to this application and every youngster in our world currently using this app.

Sarahah App Download For Free

We can now download this Sarahah app for both Android and iOS devices. We can easily download this Sarahah App Download with Google Play Store for Android users and as well for iOS users they can get this app with apple app store. As per announcement, over 30 countries, 1/4th billion visitors and more than 1 billion page viewed are there across the world. Basically, there are two reasons why this Sarahah application is becoming famous online. One, it is easy to utilize and user-friendly application and the other one is, to use this app all we need to do is, to register our details then share our Sarahah id with our friends.

Once after this sign-up process, now, you will receive messages from unknown persons. Likewise, we can also share a comment on our friends’ profile anonymously.  Sharing comments is also very used, as well as already using many social networking apps. So, it is not that much difficult to share our comment. As well as messaging, which are receiving are very easy to read. Users are completely anonymous, no one will found that, who are commenting on our account. As we can’t find who is commenting us, but there is an option that we can block their account. The biggest drawback of this app is, that there is no age restriction to use this Sarahah app.

How to Download Sarahah App?

We can get and install this Sarahah App Download for both iOS and Android devices. We can directly get this app from play store and app store. Or if you want to download this Sarahah app directly go to the official page of Sarahah then download it on your device.

·      To download this Sarahah app, Android users can download this app with Google Play Store and iOS users can download this app from app store.

·      After completion of the download, accept terms and conditions then run the application.

·      After installation, just click on the Sarahah icon on your device to start using this application.

How to Register for Sarahah App?

With this Sarahah App Download, a user can either compliment us or criticise us. Just like other social networking applications, once after installed this application on your device. The user needs to provide a username, name, email id and password details. We need to provide our contact details in this app. Once after log on to this Sarahah app, you can share the link to your account on any social networking apps of yours like Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber and other accounts.

So, those who had a Sarahah account, they can open your link and directly leave a comment on your page anonymously, without knowing their details. Once sender click on the link, one message box appears on the screen, you can leave your message there. Here below are the lines to register for Sarahah account.

How to Use Sarahah App?

·      Once after downloaded and installed the Sarahah app on your device.

·      Open the Sarahah icon on your device, then click on the new account session, to register your details. If you already have an account, enter your email or username details and password then click on sign in.

·      To create a new account, you need to provide your username, name, email, password, confirm a password, allow terms and conditions then click on sign up button.

·      On the settings page, you can customize your privacy, choose language English, then go to your profile page.

·      You may select your profile picture, which is just similar to WhatsApp. Now your Sarahah account is successfully created.

Along with the Arabic version, the English version had also released. So, after login, we can set our language either English or Arabic. We are expecting, in coming days, the developer may also update this Sarahah app with some other language and also many features. If the user receives any negative comments or vulgar comments, it is possible to block their account. As there is no age restriction to use this Sarahah app, parents should be careful about their child.

As this app is safe for the kid, but if your children want to use Sarahah, sit with them and discuss why they want to use this app. And tell them to do not share their personal details. Currently, this Sarahah app is available in India, US, UK, Canada, Europe countries, and in a coming day this app will be available across the world. This is all about Sarahah app, if you wish to try, you can install it on your device and please make sure to know about the application then start using it. Thank You for reading this article. 

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