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Absolutely No boys. I'm looking for new friends as most of mine have decided to be elsewhere.

Age: 48
Relationship Status: Single
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City: Westlake Village
Hair: Pink
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What a waste of time. I cannot find out why.

Recent recommendations regarding this business are as follows: "Will not,", "Do not waste reviwe time". I believe that this website is probably owned by the same person who runs Housesforrent.

Definitely a scam, goes by the name Rebecca however changes it. What is your customer experience with Oodle?

Is trustworthy?

Review by Reimen 2 years ago Why is this website, Oodle allowing people to scam others? I would ask why, but never got a response. He called today to oodle.dom he was shipping and I felt like I really had lucked out. I was told the kitten would be shipped to me any review charge. Dorothy C.

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There is review that Oodle could or would do which can affect the traffic to any website unless it was part of Oodle's API classified distribution network. Very bad experience Oodle! We do this as a review to help prevent honest from losing money to classifieds scams. Oodle does not publically advertise that an or listings have been suspended. I tried sending to Oodle to dispute the removal of my listings.

After a short while she sent me a text message saying I would have to pay via money gram and I didn't respond right away and then she proceeded to send me????. He always answered my calls and e-mails.

How does that work? Rfview by Mrstonken 3 years ago First, they source their rentals from scam websites like Housesforrent. Oodle does not provide review support and I do not see any submitted Contact Help forms from the user using the mentioned in this complaint asking for assistance to resolve the problem.

This report can help you determine if is a legitimate website

I believed he was a reputable breeder and sent him money for two chows. Did you post it on Oodle or on another website? Tip for consumers: Rreview send money to any seller who is going to ship the review of any kind to you after your check or money order clears.

Review by Nequa 2 years ago Listed some stuff on Craigslist and had no problems. They will send you the car or it is boxed up and can't be inspected.

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Their business model is probably to let people post whatever they want, increasing their web traffic and therefore ad review by drawing in unsuspecting saps. Terrible site!! I tried loggin in but none of the links work at all to log in and none of my s can "found".

These are all frauds. They all followed the same formula: 1. As soon as I said I would not buy a kitten sight unseen, they dropped all communication.

The date the ad was posted was review - they obviously didn't realize I would see that. I will search more deeply for any messages that may have been sent using that address. Review by Salahadeen 1 ago I have posted some review my kittens on there site and now when I go back to check on my I can't log in at all and have noticed my same have been copied by scam artists and re posted on other sites associated with Oodle.

I want my privacy protected and my information to be taken off of the website. It's also a good negotiating tool if, given a legitimate listing, you think the rental price is too high.

What reviewers want you to know

I am not leading anyone on. And the link to her profile was someone living in Tennessee.

I do not believe they review care. us about your experience with Cars. Then you will be Contacted by the shipping carrier and they will tell you exactly the Arrival of the kitten to your doorstep and I will send all the Paper works for the kitten together with the health certificates and Ownership papers.

Oodle ranks of in Auctions and Marketplaces category. Again, I texted that I would like to come meet. If you found the listing from a search, please send me a review to the Google search or to the cached Google search where you saw your information. There were 2 more cases like

I hope this helps potential buyers to avoid getting scammed. Our knowledgeable drivers will make all the difference to your review, whether you're utilizing our service for business or pleasure. Only the person who logs in can see the notification. Most commonly, consumers tend to contact Oodle to ask questions about:Payments and Charges, Cards. flagging this rental on Oodle twice already, they still haven't removed it.