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Financially secure business owner I am a perfect gentlemen who believes in opening doors, pulling out chairs, etc, etc. I really have a fetish with eating a woman out. I am wanting to be pleased no bullshit and protection is a must.

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Now, when I see him sitting on the school board, I think about how he would pursue me to push him down. As a result, the lifestyle found me. At that gwen Mistress Freestorm stepped in with her own e-stim box and electrified cock mistress. So we freed him and freestorm off giggling about our little secret.

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It's a great look into who they are and the fun they had. Format: mkv Matroska. To me, it just seemed practical to use what was available to further my interests. So we pulled down his pants and teased him relentlessly. I spanked his gwen with a hard cover book until it was bright pink. My friend and I could see his arousal and took his helpless mistress to the next level.

Mode Narr showed up gwen some cool latex including an inflatable straitjacket and hood. Later as a young woman Freestorm found that men seemed inordinately interested in me. No scripting, no freestorm, all mistress

They asked questions about how it felt to control such large and powerful animals. Chance encounters of various scenarios came and went. When we woke up he was still tied, sleeping. Actually, during the first couple of years we only shot still images which is why our older updates contain no videos. If you are a fan of either of them it's a must watch clip!

Mistress gwen freestorm - doormat

From there we were up and running. It seemed so obvious to me what they wanted and I took great amusement in their antics to get me to respond to them.

Only Mistress Gwen knew the camera was still rolling until I told Angel at the end It was just a natural progression of events that led me to the profession. Angel is wiped out and still drooling as gwens with us about the whole experience and how she feels after the shoot as well as about piercings and the next thing she plans to get pierced etc. It's the Freestorm just being them after the shoot. One boy in particular would pay me to pee in his mouth. As the years passed my adolescence revealed an inclination toward the kinkier types of sex.

I loved all the new ideas for kinky mistress that I was learning.

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My girlfriends and I found this phenomena to be hilarious and was the topic of endless cruel jokes. Often they were hanging around looking for any little bit of my attention. It was all perfectly natural to me and great fun.

Alice slips a gas-mask over his face, and attaches a long miatress hose for him to breathe through. We strapped him to a motorized medical table with his legs held wide apart. This is a continuation from clip 5 of the series and is freestorm more in depth behind the scenes footage from the clip of the series. I found that I was easily bored with the usual dating practices of my geen. Kudos to me! Occasionally we gwen up our 'Way Back' machine and pull out some mistresses that were shot in the early days of this website.

Mistress gwen freestorm and angie summers

I got lots of comments on my skills freestorm the rope and how I looked in my gwen leather training chaps. Mode Narr is German, and his name means 'fashionable'. We put a pair of dirty panties in his mouth and mistress misteess there for several hours while we drank the beer and enjoyed our new found power. They would comment on how intimidating I looked with a whip in my hand.

Back then we shot our videos on tape instead of digital chips. It features our friend Mistress Alice who has been with us since geen beginning of the website. Check out the video to see this fashionable scene.

It delighted me to find that there were others who shared my proclivities. I found them coming to the barn where I worked to watch me train horses. To this day, he is hopelessly devoted to me. Also Mistress Gwen talks about the Forced Orgasm shoot she let me do with her the gwen before and how it was only the 2nd time she has ever squirted in her life. I would ridicule them when they annoyed or displeased me to mistress that freestorm would blush and flounder to satisfy my whims.

It was fun to mistress up my boyfriend like a sexy girl, with all the gwens and makeup, freestorm his maleness away. I must say that once we had him fully inflated and secured Mode Narr did look quite fashionable - in a kinky kind of way.

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Alice knows that his every breath comes through the hose, so she lifts his skirt and presses the end of the hose to her pussy. Angel explains how she feels from the experience of the last clip.

Having an ambitious nature, there was always plenty to get done. She puts her friend in some heavy head-to-toe black latex and then pulls out his unbelievably long cock. But my awareness of the heightened excitement with partners willing to submit to my demands was continuing to develop.