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By | June 7, 2018

mAadhaar App Download For Android. Being Indian, Aadhaar card is the must mandatory identity proof for everyone. The Aadhaar was approved by the Government of India. Now a day, Aadhaar card is required for everyone and everyone must carry this proof wherever they go. With this Aadhaar, banks, government offices and other organizations make their work easy.

But it is somewhat difficult to remember and carry the Aadhaar card daily. So, the unique identification authority of India (UIDAI) recently introduced the mAadhaar App Download, which means mobile Aadhaar. mAadhaar is now accessible to download it for the Android users, but for iOS users, this mAadhaar application will be launching in a few days. Here in the below, we have given the mAadhaar details, features, how to download and install it, as well as uses of mAadhaar App Download details with this article.

What is mAadhaar App Download?

mAadhaar is a mobile application, which is currently available to download it for all the Android devices. With this mAadhaar App Download, we can provide all our Aadhaar details on our mobile. So, that we need not convey the Aadhaar card physically. UIDAI launched this mAadhaar application on last year July 2018 month. Already more than 10 lakh people have installed this application and registered their details with this application. This application helps the user to convey their Aadhaar details with their mobiles. This application is also useful while travelling like railways, domestic flights and buses, we just show our Aadhaar card proof through mobile.

mAadhaar App Download

mAadhaar App Download For Android Devices

Especially, the mAadhaar is designed to sync all our Aadhaar details on our mobiles. The mAadhaar is available to download for absolutely free of cost for all the Android mobile users. We can easily have downloaded this mAadhaar App Download with the Google PlayStore. With this application, people can convey their details like name, date of birth, gender, address and his/her photograph, Aadhaar number and other details with their smartphones and no need to carry the Aadhaar card physically. Prior to download the mAadhaar card on your mobile, make sure, you must have to download this application only with the mobile number you have provided while applying for the Aadhaar card.

Features of mAadhaar Apk?

Those who are using the Android mobile, they must have to download this mAadhaar card, which is now very useful for everyone. The major intention of developing this mAadhaar application is, to give an interface to 12 digit Aadhaar number holders to bring their demographic information in mobile. You can know about mAadhaar App For iPhoneThe demographic information includes Aadhaar holder name, gender, address, date of birth and other details. There are few features, which makes this mAadhaar App Download more powerful. We are providing the few features here in the below.

·      With this mAadhaar, Aadhaar card number holder can download their Aadhaar details demographic information anytime anywhere with just with their mobile phones. So, his/her need not to carry the Aadhaar card physically

·      In this feature, there is also a security of biometrics by locking biometric details. Once the biometric locking system allowed, the people biometric details should lock till they again unlock it. You can search for mAadhaar App Download For PC.

·      Instead of SMS based OTP, in this application we had a Time based one-time password (TOTP) is available in this mAadhaar App Download. And this TOTP is valid for only 30 minutes.

·      This mAadhaar allows us, to view and update our Aadhaar profile, after completion of an update request. But, the updated Aadhaar details will display only after verifying and approval the details by the UIDAI.

·      Using this application, the user can share the QR code and eKYC protected password data to recover exact demographic Aadhaar details as to the UIDAI.

How to Download mAadhaar App?

Those who wish to download the mAadhaar in their mobile, they should have the Android version 5.0 and above and speed internet connection. Like other apps, Android users can also download and install this mAadhaar with the Google PlayStore. But we are advising every one, please make sure that you are downloading the official mAadhaar App Download which was developed by the UIDAI. Please don’t download it from some fake apps. Check twice whether you are downloading from the UIDAI developer or not. Here below are steps to download the mAadhaar for your mobiles.

·      On your Android mobile, click on the Google PlayStore.

·      Relevant apps list displays on the screen, tap on the install button of mAadhaar uploaded by the unique identification authority of India (UIDAI).

·      After successful installation, open the application or click on the mAadhaar icon on your mobile homepage.

·      Register with all your details.

·      Now, your Aadhaar card is on your mobile with mAadhaar.

·      Log on to the mAadhaar mobile app by entering the Aadhaar number and also registered mobile number.

·      Now, you can convey your Aadhaar card with the biometric Aadhaar details on your mobile

How to Use mAadhaar on Android?

Once after installed the mAadhaar on your Android device, a user needs to create a password, which must be complicated and unique. The password is very necessary; you need it every time to open your mAadhaar App Download details. After that, now user need to sync their Aadhaar details. Once after registered their details, a user will receive one verification code to their registered mobile number. The verification code should read on their own.

To sync Aadhaar data, the user needs to enter their 12-digit identity number, which is available on the Aadhaar card or you can also scan a QR code from your mobile. Now, on the mAadhaar home page, his/her details like full name, photo, date of birth, address and QR code appears on the screen. On the top of the screen, you receive a message that your biometric details are unlocked, you can now access your mAadhaar. If his/her need to lock or unlock your mAadhaar, you need to generate the OTPT.  

So, viewers who wish to use this mAadhaar application, they should follow the above process. Those who are downloaded the mAadhaar on their mobile, they can now access their Aadhaar profile from anywhere, anytime. There is a good news for all the iOS users, the UIDAI within a few months, they are going to lunch this mAadhaar for all the iPhone users also. Hope, you all understand the above details. For any queries please leave a comment in the below session or visit the mAadhaar official portal.

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