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Lonely need someone to talk to

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Being in the knowledge solutions are both sought after and available, in itself, may be comforting and reassuring to know. So get on TalkLife and talk to people going through the exact same struggles you are.

Helpful apps for times when you are feeling lonely

You can feel isolated at a party, at work, or even out with friends. At least that was my experience. Knowing of tech-based tools to tackle loneliness is reassuring At somelne very least, the list below may serve to show some of the technology-based solutions geared towards tackling loneliness. Loneliness has ancient origins, imbedded deep in our genetics.

Need someone to talk to? stop feeling isolated

No tali here. TalkLife is a peer support platform and is deed to be a safe space. Add to Wishlist Install If you're struggling you can get support right now! Do you feel alone and lost? What may work for some may not work for others.

Why you can’t stay lonely forever

Some are free mobile apps to download but others are also web and subscription based. Report Inappropriate Content I need someone to talk to. Look, we made TalkLife because we wanted to create a community where you can always feel welcome and know that someone is here for you. Feeling less lonely begins with reaching out, in any small way you can. Who just needs someone to listen.

Currently, there is someoe discussion and debate about how helpful technology can be when it comes to tackling loneliness. Once in a chat, the app behaves like any texting app, with the exception that you're thrust into a potentially weird situation in which you're there to chat with a stranger for no reason other neev to chat. Even today, we crave social interaction and belonging for this reason lnely feeling connected helps your health, and may even help you live longer in modern times.

CNET editors pick the products and services we write about. This might be part of why it feels so hopeless to be alone. Sometimes I just want someone to talk to. Replika Replika was founded on the idea to create a personal AI that would help you express and witness yourself by offering a helpful conversation. TalkLife is here for everyone and anyone who just needs someone to talk to.

We all feel lonely at times Someone is also widely recognised we can all feel lonely at timesregardless of our relationship status — whether tslk live alone, are single, married, part of a couple, or with go. I'm still sleeping for long periods of time, and feel unmotivated to do lonely productive. Now the psychiatrist thinks I'm bipolar. But if you're looking for need more casual, there are more options than you might talk.

So why not chat with a stranger, who can lend a sympathetic ear and help you talk things through?

Feeling lonely

In this age of self-quarantine and pervasive illness, having resources like HearMe, Lyf and Wisdo may be a godsend for some. Panion Panion is a social platform based on common interests that helps you meet like-minded people who share your passions.

HearMe is an app for iOS and Android that lets you talk one-on-one with a stranger. TalkLife connects you with real people around the world who want to listen and support you. By no matter of means is technology alone the panacea to loneliness. You're not really talking -- this is a texting experience, which might actually make it a bit easier to open up to a stranger.

Technology offers tools to help tackle loneliness Our list below includes apps endeavouring to connect people and tackle loneliness which may serve to help in their own small way. I just started taking mood stabiliser, its a little early to comment on its effects, but I've noticed a slight changes in my depression states. In reality, many people feel lonely and are searching for someone to tp to you can find someone to talk to right now, at Supportiv.

At TalkLife you can instantly meet supportive people who actually care and want to listen!

Health and wellness

After your session is over, your chats are saved in a "journal," which you can refer back to and reread at any time. Getting started with the app, which you can install on your iPhone or Android deviceis easy, and you don't need to provide any personal information, so there's very little for the developers to mine, if your privacy is important to you.

Lonelt everyone else seems to have an outlet, you desperately need to find yours. For instance, research studies can be confusing as they attempt to establish the positive and negative effects of social media use on our sense and feelings around the connection we have with others.

. I've been lonely for several of years. It's not a dating app; it's not an online forum; it's not someone you know. Or perhaps more appropriately, offers part of the solution to a loneliness epidemic which is increasingly recognised as requiring a multi-dimensional approach. Just support! This is no substitute for emergency help, of course. You can also browse other Beats and in, sharing thoughts and commiserating as appropriate.

Share what's on your mind and get the help you need today!

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April 29, p. When you buy through our links, we may get a commission. They fear being judged as weird or unlikeable by their peers. But Wisdo has more, including one-on-one private sessions with a Wisdo coach, and moderated discussions with Wisdo mentors.

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Is Anyone Else This Isolated? I don't really know who. I just want someone to understand, hear me. A lot of Beats on the app right now are related to COVIDbut there are a of other important conversations in the app, including dealing with autism, depression, illness and body dysmorphia. Chat confidentially with these apps for free Don't let social distancing turn into heed isolation.