GOM Audio APK Download Free App File For Android Devices

By | June 25, 2018

GOM Audio APK Download For Android. GOM Audio Player is an application, which we can play the audio files of any format. All we just need to do is, to import the audio files, playlists, CD’s and many stream music files from the web. Currently, many of the smartphone users are using this GOM audio Apk application and here with this article, our team provided the details of GOM audio, features of this app as well as download and installation process in the below.

GOM Audio application is a free music player, which can play music tracks from CDs and different formats at high quality. GOM audio app not only plays the high-quality music, but it also had many impacts and a huge number of highlights in it. The GOM audio Apk file had multi-speed playback feature, pitch modification features. During the playing of music, GOM Audio can also have had to sync lyrics. So, that user can not only listen to the music, but they can also watch the lyrics while listening to the song. If there is no lyrics of that particular music, a user can allow typing the lyrics as per song. To add lyrics, we need to utilize the sync lyrics editor feature.

GOM Audio APK Download

While music files are playing, GOM Audio allows the user to keep up their screen and this android application offers the user to play the songs and also download the podcasts and cloud music files with the GOM Audio. With podcasts, a user can able to listen to their favorite and popular podcasts by viewing the song or they can also download those podcasts songs. GOM Audio APK Download accomplishes the highest quality sound that is advanced for various situations. GOM Audio application is available for both PC as well as popular smartphone devices like Android and iOS devices.

Features of GOM Audio Apk

GOM Audio is a free high-quality audio player, which we can listen to the songs to CDs, MP3s, and other formats. GOM Audio player also had a shortcut and executes a large number of the features, which makes the user to attracts more. GOM Audio player also updated regularly with plenty of new features and the recently upgraded with the playback feature.

GOM Audio APK Download

GOM Audio APK Download For Free

·      GOM Audio APK Download allows the user to manage their screen during the music files are playing.

·      Using Sync Lyrics Editing feature, GOM Audio also allows the user to create their own lyrics, when there are no lyrics and also they can upload the lyrics to the music files.

·      The GOM Audio additionally gives a chance to the user, to utilize the ‘My Profile’ highlight to connect with the user GOM ID. With the use of GOM id, a user needs to manage their audio lyrics by upload it or by edit the lyrics of their personal account to my profile page. The managed lyrics can be shared with the user’s PC and their mobile devices.

·      With the Sync lyrics viewer, a user needs to view or search for the sync lyrics of the currently playing a music file.

·      GOM Audio also helps the user to maintain the self-registered sync lyrics and allows them to sync their subscription on a podcast on their own PC’s.

·      GOM Audio APK Download had the powerful sounds of 10 bands and also offers many sound effects like playback speed control, pitch control and reverb.

·      GOM audio application podcasts help the user for live streaming and download it from the popular music files.

·      GOM audio high-quality player supports all the file formats like MP3, WMA and etc.

·      The GOM Audio application user can turn on or turn off the synced lyrics when clicking to the synchronized lyrics for a long period of time.

·      The GOM Audio screen will be changed over to Sync Lyrics Viewer when the user clicks on the Sync Lyrics.

·      Also with the GOM Audio application, the user needs to create their own set-up according to the features of color, size.

·      GOM audio Apk had also a feature called Smart Lock Screen, which offers keep screen work, current playlist, sync lyrics and quick play.

·      GOM Audio file also accessible for DropBox, Google Drive and OneDrive cloud storage system and also supports WebDAV and FTP files.

·      Timer feature in this GOM audio Apk enables the user to change the Auto-Shutdown work within an hour/ minute/ seconds’ units.

·      My Ring Tone feature enables the user to change over a specific melody into user’s ringtone.

How to Download GOM Audio Apk For Android?

A user can download and install this GOM audio player with Google Play store. Those who wish to download the GOM Audio Apk file, they need to initially enable the unknown sources on their mobile.

·      Go to the official web portal of GOM Audio, then download the GOM audio Apk file.

·      Allow the unknown sources, settings -> security -> unknown sources.

·      Open the GOM Audio APK Free Download file from the file manager.

·      Then click on install button, to run the application.

·      It takes few moments to complete the installation of GOM audio app.

·      Open the app, confirm the access agreement, allow audio files on your device, click on grant permission button. Now start using this audio player application file.

Once after opening the GOM Audio APK Free Download, initially, the preferences page appears on the screen, where the user can set up the player how you need it. This preference page includes file formats related to it, regardless of whether it stacks on Windows, and may it’s dependable to finish everything, window straightforwardness, console and mouse alternate routes and etc.

Now, the main player will display on the screen, all of the controls like playback, repeat, shuffle, eject and equalizer buttons are instantly available for the user. User those who wish to know more about this GOM Audio APK Latest, they must need to visit the official portal of GOM audio, then have a look of this application and then download and install it for your PC or your mobile phones.

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