Freedom APK Download Free V2.0.8 Android Version Configuration Info

By | June 11, 2018

Freedom APK Download V2.0.8 latest 2018 Free Version For Android devices. Hello friends, today we are talking on most popular android application, which allows you to unlock premier features of popular games for free of cost. Surprising right!!! Yes it is possible, you must be getting lot of questions and doubts. You will get to know below on further details.

Now a days everybody use mobile phone, in fact more of smart phone. Irrespective of age, it is just become like a body part. Even in villages, towns, college and school going kids also having one smart phone. Freedom APK Download is available online. Earlier people used to have one landline phone at home for emergency reason, some don’t have any phone at home. But today the world is moving fast and people are growing.

Freedom APK Download For Free

So considering the mobile demand, today we have number of application in market in different categories, like games, adventures, health & fitness ,photo & video, productivity, shopping etc. there are number of application in each category, some are free application and some are pain versions. Generally paid application versions will have more premier features which also costs more.

Freedom APK Download

Freedom APK Download For Free Online

Freedom application is totally free application and it is not officially approved application in google. But it is available in android mobiles. So now you must be thinking how it is possible to enjoy the premier features of other applications? freedom application is risk free application. Freedom application is developed by Kominike Development. To download freedom application you need have 4.38MB space in mobile or tablet for Freedom APK Download.

How does Freedom application works?

You must be not believing it or curious to know how does freedom make you to access premier features of applications in mobile and tablets. Android devices can avail this facility. Freedom application works like a hack king tool that bypasses the credit checking system of Google Play and uses a fake credit card to pay for the premium features.

The fake credit card has no credit loaded but the app can convince Play Store that actual money was paid. This is so interesting right! This application is not legally approved and it is not available in google paly store. So obtain Freedom APK Download on time.

Freedom Apk Latest Version

But still you can use this application risk free as thousands of users are using this application.To install freedom application your device must be rooted, without rooting freedom application won’t works. To install freedom application first you should download freedom APK file and install it directly. Below we have mentioned in detail steps to download and install freedom apk latest version.

Download Freedom V2.0.8 installation latest 2018:

We know, you are waiting for this section, please follow below steps to download and install latest version freedom application.

App Version V2.0.8
Required Android Android Oreo
Rooting Needed MANDATORY
APK Size 4.38MB
Feature IN-APP-Purchase
Latest Update October 15, 2017

Step 1: before installing and download freedom application, you need to first android device to get rooting.

Step 2: then download the freedom apk free download, application file to your device or PC then transfer to android mobile device.

Step 3: after successful transfer, open your phone settings and allow installation from unknow sources in the security section. You are now allowed to install application from APK files, with even using google play store.

Step 4: you can locate the freedom application file through file manager in android device.

Step 5: Open the file. This might show you a warning message, ask for root access etc. Tap ok for all of these. Freedom will be installed in your device.

Step 6: click on install and freedom application will be installed successfully.


Now you must be waiting for in app purchase usage instructions. Please follow below steps.

Step 1: After successful installation of freedom application from APP Drawer

Step 2: then you can find a pop up window, asking for permission, to access rooting.

Step 3: then you can find new window with all list of application that are installed in your phone.

Step 4: select an application from the list which you want to do in app purchase.

Step 5: after new seconds, the selected application will be opened, go to the store of that application.

Step 6: Now its time to click on BUY button for every in app purchase.

Freedom APK Fail FIX:

Sometimes there is a chance of getting failed while doing installation, it is very common. No worries its easy to fix.

Step 1: first download a file explorer that can edit system files.

Step 2: find the folder name SYSTEM in root directory.

Step 3: Now open the ETC folder in system and find the hosts file.

Step 4: edit that hosts file and paste the code on it “ localhost”

Step 5: Now save the hosts file.

Step 6: in settings you can find application manager and click on open

Step7: now find google play store and open it and click on clear data button, once it is successfully complete then restart your android device.

Freedom APK features:

By now you all know how to download and install freedom application in android device, how to fix the error and bugs, in fact we spoke on how to use in app purchase feature in freedom application.

Now let us talk quickly on freedom application features, it has waste varieties of features which are very useful and risk free and of course it is free of cost.

  • The best and most interesting feature is to access premium features inside game and app for free of cost.
  • Get free in game upgrades which would need money otherwise.
  • You are allowed to buy coins, tools and extra features with even spending money.
  • And freedom APK has latest version available and its completely free

So you know all about freedom application by now. This application has number of useful features and it is risk free and cost free application. Thousands of users are using this application to enjoy the premium features and to upgrade the application with free of cost. You must need rooting to install and download freedom application, download in your PC or laptop and connect your android device and transfer freedom application file. After successful installation you can use and enjoy all features of freedom application.

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