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By | May 7, 2018

Facebook Messenger Apk Download for Android iOS Windows Desktop/ Now a day, millions of users are using smartphones and definitely, Facebook is must application on their mobiles. Facebook is a social networking app which was launched in the year 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. With this application, we can keep in touch with our friends and relatives, uploading our stories, videos, images, and others.

And coming to this article, Facebook Messenger, it is also one of the application, with this app we can chat with our friends privately. You have Facebook Messenger Apk free download.  This messenger application was launched in the year 2011.

What is the use of Facebook Messenger?

The Messenger is a texting messaging app which is developed by Facebook. Compared to other messaging apps, this Facebook messenger app does a lot of work along with doing chat. Users can only send a message to their contacts who are signed onto their Facebook accounts. So, to chat with your closed ones with this Facebook Messenger, you must have an account on Facebook. This messenger application is free of cost to install and it is accessible for Android mobiles, iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry devices.

Facebook Messenger Apk

Facebook Messenger Apk Download For Free

Facebook Messenger Apk Download

Using this messenger app, we can do texting, sharing photographs, videos, and many activities. Facebook has put security as the primary concerns that are the reason that the designers made Secret Conversation mode with a specific end goal to regard the protection of the Facebook users. In this messenger app, we can also set the mode from the setting that and set as one mobile number as the default number for Facebook Messenger App Download Apk.

So, that if anyone opens our account, we instantly receive a message. And this is one of the best future in this messenger app, which is called encoded end-to-end. Security modes are initiated by being encrypted utilizing the open-source signal convention. When a mode is on a secret conversation, only messages can be read by the recipients with Facebook Messenger App Download Apk.

Features of Facebook Messenger Apk for Android

Facebook Messenger for Android offers many features, which makes the users immersed in it. With the Facebook Messenger, users can see their friends list walls, profile pics, and a user can also leave a comment, like and share of that particular pic or they can privately chat with their friends in messenger.

Facebook Messenger Apk

Facebook Messenger App For Desktop, Windows and PC

Users can likewise send their pics to their friends on their list. The only reason why we like this messenger application is, we can share live videos, video messaging and voice calls with this application. We hope, this feature will also available in a coming few days. We should utilize this Messenger to get further developed chatting features with Facebook Messenger Apk Download. Day to day, developers launched many features like money transfers, chatbots, ride requests and photo magic, we can share our pics with a single click on that application.

·      We can send the audio clips, images, videos and customized emoji to our friends and family members.

·      One more excellent feature in this is that clients can to send cash by means of the administration offers from Facebook Messenger Apk Download.

·      Messenger app also allows the user to share stickers according to our mood.

·      Using this Messenger app and mobile and desktops, we can also support the audio and video calls. But internet connection is required to make a call.

·      We can also play many games using this messenger app, we need not download or install an app, we just play games with another messenger user.

·       We can share our live location using this mobile app.

What is the Use of Facebook Messenger Apk?

Users who are going to install the Facebook Messenger Apk download, they all should initially knowns about the use of this app. We can download this application on all smartphones, tablets, and computers as well as laptops.

Facebook Messenger Apk

Facebook Messenger App For MAC Free Download

A user can set their default mobile number for privacy concern. View for Facebook Messenger Lite Apk. If the user can set a record with their Facebook profile, the Messenger takes data from their Facebook profile to set up your Messenger profile. This data information comprises of profile picture, friends list, and others. This application also sync all the phone contacts.

How to Use Facebook Messenger App?

It is very easy to use. Initially, to use this messenger, we need to download the Facebook as well as messenger app on our mobiles or PCs. Creation an account on Facebook is very simple, to create we need to provide details about our name, mobile number, and some other details. Look for Facebook Messenger App for Android Free Download Apk.

After that, for permission to access our contacts, we need to set our mobile number (which is optional). Those who already have an account on Facebook, they can directly open the messenger app with the existing account. Automatically, the messenger and the contacts will transfer after confirmation.

How to Download Facebook Messenger Apk?

Finally, those wish to download the Facebook Messenger app, firstly they have to download and install the Facebook application then create an account on Facebook. The Facebook, as well as Facebook messenger app, is a free of cost to download.

·      For android, you need to open the app store, search for the Facebook Messenger. For iOS, Open app store, Windows (Windows store). For desktop, you need to visit the messenger website to download messenger.

·      Click on the Download Facebook Messenger Apk, then tap on install button.

·      Go through the required permissions then click on Accept (for android 6.0 and later version, you should have to accept the permission while you launch the application)

·      After successful installation Facebook Messenger Apk Free Download, click on an open button to go to the messenger home page.

·      If you already have a Facebook account, click as continue with the same account. Or if you want to log in with another account, you should hit on the switch accounts icon.

·      You can also login without Facebook account for some regions like US, Canada, Peru. We can chat with a messenger who is in our phone contacts. If you want to tap on them, not on Facebook, you need to enter your phone number, then you receive one OTP, use this code to login to the Messenger.

·      If you are login using your Facebook account, entering the phone number is completely optional. If you want to add, your friends will easily find you. If you don’t want, you can simply skip that step “Not Now”.

·      We can also upload our phone contacts which enables messenger this will automatically add your contact list (if they also have messenger app) in messenger. Anyway, this is also optional, if you are not ready, you can skip this step.

·      That’s it guys, start using this Facebook Messenger Apk Free Download. Have a nice day. Go ahead and start chatting with your loved ones.

We have provided the details of Facebook Messenger apk, as per our research. If you have any doubts, please go through the official web page of Messenger app or you can leave a comment in the below session, our team will try to respond to your comment as soon as possible on Facebook Messenger Apk Download.

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