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By | June 5, 2018

Facebook Lite APK Download For Android. At present situation in the world, people are living on social networking sites. There is the massive number of social networking apps are available in our world. Among all, Facebook is the top social networking application which is used by 2.19 billion monthly users and 1.4 billion Facebook users visited the site daily and use Facebook Messenger. It is not possible to use the Facebook without the internet connection.

Facebook is one of the great application, which is the best place where we can share our moments like sharing photos, uploading videos, definitely, it takes more data usage. People who are with a limited data connection, here is an application which is alternative is Facebook is Facebook Lite. Those who wish to download the Facebook lite, they can please check the details here and go through the download process in the below lines.

What is Facebook Lite?

Facebook Lite APK Download is just an alternative application for Facebook, which was designed by the Mark Zuckerberg for especially 2G networks and the areas with limited internet connections. The Facebook Lite works with the poor data connection. This app also works with old mobiles with limited data plans. This Facebook Lite APK Download was developed in the year 2009 and introduced an app in the year 2015. The Facebook lite application is accessible to download it for all the Android devices. Initially, this application was launched on Bangladesh, Vietnam, Nigeria, Nepal, South Africa, Sudan, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe countries, and now this application is available for more than 100 countries.

Compared to Facebook app, this Facebook lite looks very small screen, a text should be very small. Just like Facebook, in this lite app, we can comment, like and share the posts and but the size of the image should be small compared to Facebook. Facebook Lite APK Download consumes very less space, that’s why many of the limited internet connection users downloaded this application.

Features of Facebook Lite

People who are with less data connection, they can try to use this Facebook lite which is light and speed version of Facebook. This application also works smoothly even 2G network connection also. This

Facebook Lite is simple to install it for our Android mobiles. It contains around 266 KB; it consumes very little space. This application also available for Android 2. 2 or above versions and this application had very limited features, but trust me you will enjoy this app very much. Here we are giving the few features of Descargar Facebook Lite Apk, please check them.

Facebook Lite APK Download

Facebook Lite APK Download Free of Cost

·      Facebook lite application easily and works smoothly on 2G connection networks as well as poor internet connection.

·      Compared to Facebook, by default the font size in this Facebook Lite APK Download is small.

·      To chat in Facebook, we need the Facebook Messenger app. But here in Facebook lite, we can chat with our friends directly on Facebook lite app. That means, for sending and receiving messages we don’t need the Messenger app.

·      Facebook lite is lightweight application and softer on the battery also.

·      Like Facebook app, in Facebook lite, we can also post images and quotes on timeline, search for friends, liking and sharing photos and posts as well we can also edit the profile pictures.

·      In Descargar Facebook Lite Apk, we can add our stories and also able to view our friends stories.

·      Facebook lite consumes low space and which take less Ram and storage space

·      The Apk Facebook Lite loads faster than the Facebook.

·      It had very limited features

How to Download Facebook Lite for Android

In Facebook lite, the default content size is littler all through the application. We can view our friend’s profiles or their images like small pictures, which just look like cartoons. The icon for like, comment and share buttons looks very tiny. The major difference between Facebook and Apk Facebook Lite is, app size, space requires, internet speed and UI design. Without using another application like Facebook, we can chat sending and receiving messages on same platform in this Facebook Lite APK Download . The Facebook is easy to download; we can easily download this application with google play store.

·      Open the Google play store on your Android mobile.

·      On the search bar, type the Facebook lite then click on search button.

·      Related apps appear on the screen.

·      Click on the install button, accept terms and conditions.

·      Within a few moments, your installation will be finished.

·      Now, click on open button.

·      Log in with your details user id and password or you have already the Facebook app on your phone, continue with your username.

·      Now, you are ready to use the Apk Facebook Lite.

The Facebook Lite is extremely developed for slow speed internet connections. People who are living in areas with the limited internet connection, this Facebook lite will use them a lot, which takes very fewer data charges. But, using this Facebook lite, we can’t download the high-resolution pictures and we can’t view the auto-playing videos. But, definitely, this application is just the money saving app. As the Facebook app range is between 58 to 60 MB, whereas Facebook Messenger Lite Apk version space 2MB. As the weight is the only 2MB, but performance wise, it works more smoothly and fasts compared to Facebook. A Facebook icon is displayed on blur color, whereas lite version icon is in white color. This liter version comes with a built-in data usage monitor.

In Facebook lite, there are also many limitations. In this liter version, the alerts and pop-ups notifications are reducing. Using this Facebook lite, we cannot watch videos, that means the videos will not play in Facebook Lite. Like Facebook, in Facebook lite, we can share photos, update profile pictures and even we can tag friends also. But, we can’t use the symbol @ in this Facebook lite. Therefore, these are the limitations in Facebook Lite Apk Uptodown. So we recommend that this Facebook lite application is best for the users who open the Facebook occasionally. The Facebook Lite version is not available for the iOS devices. At present 200 million people are using Facebook Lite APK Download , as of now no complaints were registered. We definitely recommend this application for the occasional Facebook users and the users who have limited data connection.

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